While waiting at the Stage Door...


For the performers to appear to sign autographs for the waiting herd of girls...

ag5.jpg ag6.jpg

We were able to read the Play Bill on the wall announcing who had starred in which role...
and an interesting sign that shows just how serious American Girl is about the girls and their dolls.

ag9.jpg ag8.jpg

Below are a few more photos taken after Kenady's performance on April 5th by Papa Jerry (Kenady's Grandfather).

ag1.jpg ag2.jpg ag3.jpg ag4.jpg

Below are a few photos of the shopping trip during Sharon's (Kenady's Grandmother) trip to NYC.
The 1st is a pose in Central Park, The 2nd is the group at Macy's Winter Wonderland,
The 3rd is when Kenady got so tired she had to stop and rest on one of Bloomies demo beds,
and for the 4th photo, she had a burst of energy and made it to Santa's lap...

k001.jpg k002.jpg k004.jpg k008.jpg

Kenady posing in front of the Christmas tree in Macy's Winter Wonderland.
Paula wants all of those "Miracle on 34th Street" fans to know that Macy's is really on 34th Street.


The 1st photo below is Paula and Kenady celebrating the news that Kenady made the first "call-back",
the 2nd is Kenady calling her Dad to tell him she made the second "call-back".

k006.jpg k0072.jpg

Just when you thought you had seen the last airport photo, another one shows up...
one would get the idea that they spend a lot of time waiting in airport terminals.


You read that the Plaza Hotel in New York City had their grand reopening on Saturday March 1st after the three year $400 million renovation. Kenady, Our roving reporter, was there to get this exclusive photo of the new entrance. The new management stated that all 282 rooms will have flat screen TVs, electronic key cards, ipod docks and digital touch screen that allow guests to adjust temperture and lighting or to call for assistance. They also have 24 karat gold plated faucets, mosaic bathroom floors and white gloved butlers, one per floor, on call 24 hours. Paula and kenady might plan to stay there a while, that is if the rate is under $100 a week... Huh?


They just sent some photos for New York City at night in the snow... Brrrrrrr

022201.jpg 022202.jpg 022203.jpg

Well, here's the New York City weather report for Friday, February 22nd, 2008 from Paula and Kenady...
SNOW, SNOW and more SNOW...

snow.jpg snow2.jpg

OK, This just in... February 18th and a walk by Rockafeller Center to see all of the flags. Amazing things these cell phone cameras...


Here are a couple of snapshots from the week of Feb 10th to 16th. Both Kenady and her mother were sick with Bronchitis
but Kenady was able to send everyone a "Happy Valentine's Day" snapshot
and a view of the Empire State Building and it's Valentine's Day lights (at least, that is what she said it was).

happy valentine.jpg nightscape.jpg

We have some photos of the trip home and return, plus some photos of NY.
To enlarge the photo just single left click on the photo and then "BACK" to return.

Here are a couple of photos of Kenady and friends,
one with make-up and the other with their natural look,
you decide which is which.

01280801.jpg 01280802.jpg

Here is Kenady    Sight seeing    And viewing art at the
waiting in Dallas    on the         Metropolitan Museum
for the NY plane. Brooklyn Bridge      of Art

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