105. Jerry LeRoy WHITE was born on Apr 8 1936 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He served in the military 1955 to 1958 in USN 455-42-48. He had Social Security Number 310-34-3574. Jerry was born at home at 229 N. Drexel Ave. in Indianapolis, Indiana with no one present except he and his mother. His mother Maryann (nee NOBLITT) tells that when she felt the labor pains and knew the birth was near, she sent Betty, Jerry's sister, next door to tell the neighbor to; 1) Call the doctor and tell him "It's time" and he better hurry; 2) Call Jerry's father at work, tell him "It's time to take her to the hospital" and tell him to hurry; and 3) Bring the neighbor back to be with her until help arrived and she better hurry. Everyone was on their way but Jerry got there first. When he was 8 years old in 1944 his Uncle Andy came to visit in his Navy uniform and told of the big ships and vast oceans, Jerry was hooked and said from that time that he would join the Navy and learn a trade just like his Uncle Andy. He joined the Navy after graduating from High School and served from 1955 to 1958 aboard the heavy cruiser USS Salem CA139. He was trained in electronics in the Navy and used that to his advantage throughout his life. He worked for AT&T for almost 30 years in electronics testing and repair, supervision and about half of that career was spent in direct customer sales. He retired from AT&T in 1987. He tried full time retirement but was bored and went to work for Mead Data Central (Lexis/Nexis) as a systems analyst for 5 years before retiring from there in 1994. He again tried full retirement but was bored and went to work in 1995 for the Bellefontaine Examiner Newspaper as an Advertising Executive and retired from there in December of 1998. This time the retirement appears to be final. Jerry is a 32 Degree Scottish Rite Mason and an active member of the Bellefontaine Knights Templar, York Rite Masonic Order.

He was married to Carol Louise GRASTON (daughter of Al GRASTON and Virginia Nel FREELAND) on Nov 19 1960 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Carol Louise GRASTON was born on Dec 23 1938 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Jerry LeRoy WHITE and Carol Louise GRASTON had the following children:

child+156 i. Jeffrey LeRoy WHITE.
child157 ii. Christian Lee WHITE was born on Mar 15 1963 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
child158 iii. Faith Lynn WHITE was born in 1965 in Indianapolis, Indiana. She died in 1965 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Faith was born with spinal bifida and the doctors felt that she would not survive without an operation but were not sure she could survive the operation because of her size. We were to make the decision to operate or not by 8AM the next morning. At 7am Faith died of multiple complications, the decision to operate or not was made on a much higher level.
child+159 iv. Paula Danielle WHITE.

He was married to Sandra Sue SMITH (daughter of Marcus Elwood SMITH and Effie Geraldine GIBSON) on May 21 1983 in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Sandra Sue SMITH was born on Mar 16 1950 in Springfield, Ohio. Sandee was born to Marcus Elwood SMITH and Effie Geraldine GIBSON in Springfield, Ohio.