35. Amos Benjamin WHITE was born on Dec 11 1849 in Davison Co., North Carolina. He died on Jun 2 1939 in Hope, Indiana. He was buried in Flat Rock Cemetary; Flat Rock, Ind.. Amos and his brother George Henry White left Hope, Indiana in the summer of 1873, this was established by the Moravian Church records in Hope, Indiana. They both ask for a transfer of membership to the West Salem Moravian Church in Olney, Ill. He established a home in Olney, Ill. and returned in March of 1874 to Hope, Indiana. Amos resided at Indianapolis, Indiana during his later years.

He was married to Mary Anna KELLER (daughter of George KELLER Jr. and Mary E. (KELLER)) on Mar 12 1874 in Hope, Indiana. Mary Anna KELLER was born on Jun 6 1850 in Indiana. She died on Jun 4 1907 in Hope, Indiana. She was buried in Flat Rock Cemetary; Flat Rock, Ind.. Amos Benjamin WHITE and Mary Anna KELLER had the following children:

child69 i. Clarence J. WHITE was born on Jul 23 1875 in Olney, Ill.. He died on Feb 17 1876 in Columbus, Indiana. He was buried in Moravian Cemetary; Hope, Indiana.
child70 ii. Ralph B. WHITE was born on Aug 5 1880 in Columbus, Indiana. He died on Jul 26 1881 in Columbus, Indiana.
child+71 iii. Irven LeRoy WHITE.
child+72 iv. Carley William WHITE.