10. William Henry Jerome WHITE was born on Dec 19 1817 in Germanton, N.C. (Stokes County). He died on Aug 28 1856 in West Salem, Ill.. He was buried in Moravian Cemetary; West Salem, Illinois. William was received as a member of the Moravian Congregation by baptism in 1843. William H. (age 34); wife, Luzetta C. (age 33); sons, Amos Benjamin (age 1) and George H. (age 4); and daughter, Emily Cornealia (age 5) were listed in the 1850 Census as residents of Davison County, North Carolina. William's occupation was listed as shoemaker and their property was owned with a listed value of $200.00. William and his wife were both listed as being born in North Carolina. Both of their Fathers were listed as being born in Pennsylvania. Some time after the 1850 Census, William loaded his young family into a wagon and headed north through Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois.

He was married to Lisette Cornealia BEITEL (daughter of Wilhelm Freidrich BEITEL and Maria Magdalena FREY) on Sep 27 1843 in North Carolina. Lisette Cornealia BEITEL was born on Feb 13 1820 in Christiansbrunn, PA (Northhampton Co.). She died in Hope, Indiana. She was buried in Moravian Cemetary; Hope, Indiana. Lisetta's birthplace of Christianbrunn means "Christian's Spring" and is better known in Pennsylvania as Christian Springs. It was located in Upper Nazareth Township, in Northampton County near where Nazareth, Pennsylvania is today. Lisette died in Hope, Indiana and was buried in the Moravian Cemetery there. Lisette came from very good stock. Her family started in this country in the person of Martin F. FREY who came to the U.S. on the ship "Myrtilla" on Sept. 21, 1765. His lineage to Lisette is as follows:

Martin F. FREY married Maria Magdalena SCHERER.
children; John FREY born Jul 28, 1781 and Maria Magdalena FREY born Mar 7, 1788.

Maria Magdalena FREY married Wilhelm Fredrich BEITEL.
children; Lisette Cornealia BEITEL

The Beitel's and Frey's were listed in the congregational records for the Moravian Church in the Northern Jurisdiction in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Records have been found with the spelling of Lisetta's surname to be Beitle, Beitel, Bytel, Bietel and Beittel. Lisetta has been spelled as Lucetta, Lisita and Luzetta.

When William died in August of 1856, Lisetta must have been one or two months pregnant (the infant was born March of 1857). The pregnant Lisetta loaded up the children, Emily was 11, George was 10 and Amos was 7, and headed back to Hope, Indiana where the infant was born on March 8th 1857. The baby only lived two days and was buried in the Moravian Cemetery in Hope, Indiana. Lisetta was listed in the 1860 Indiana Census as age 40, born in Pennsylvania and occupation as Seamstress with Emily C. age 14, George H. age 12, Amos B. age 10 all born in North Carolina and Mary F. age 5 born in Illinois. She was listed in the 1870 Indiana Census for Bartholomew County as Lizetta age 50 born in Pennsylvania with son Amos age 20 born in North Carolina, occupation listed as Loom Boss, and Mary age 15 born in Illinois and listed as attending school. Little else is know of Lisetta from 1857 until she married Nathaniel Thomas Fetter in 1871. This is the same Nathaniel T. Fetter that witnessed the marriage bond for William and Lisetta back in 1843. It is not known if he was with them on the trip from North Carolina, if he had left earlier or if he came later. Sometime prior to the marriage to Mr. Fetter, a new brick home was constructed for Lisetta in Hope, Indiana and a brick mason was hired by the family to lay the brick. The brick mason was Benjamin Keller from Cincinnati, Ohio. The story as told by Lisetta's great grandson, Andrew Benjamin White, is that while Benjamin was working on the new home, he fell in love with Lisetta's daughter Emily and they were wed in late 1863. When Ben came to work he often brought his younger sister Mary Anna Keller along with him. During the course of construction Lisetta's son Amos and Mary Anna fell in love, they continued their courtship and were wed in early 1874.
William Henry Jerome WHITE and Lisette Cornealia BEITEL had the following children:

child+33 i. Emily Cornealia WHITE.
child+34 ii. George Henry WHITE.
child+35 iii. Amos Benjamin WHITE.
child36 iv. John Evander WHITE was born on Jul 18 1852 in West Salem, Ill.. He died on Nov 18 1853 in West Salem, Illinois. He was buried in Moravian Cemetary; West Salem, Illinois.
child+37 v. Mary Frances WHITE.
child38 vi. Infant WHITE was born on Mar 8 1857 in Hope, Indiana. He died on Mar 10 1857 in Hope, Indiana. He was buried in Moravian Cemetary; Hope, Indiana. Infant White was born eight months after the death of his father William. His mother Lisette left West Salem, Ill after the death of William in August of 1856 and Infant White was born at Hope Indiana in March of 1857. He only lived two days and was not named.