Ancesters of Sandra Sue SMITH WHITE

Ancestors of Sandra Sue SMITH - 17 Nov 2017


1.  Sandra Sue SMITH was born on March 16, 1950 in Springfield, Ohio.  Sandee was born to 
Marcus Elwood SMITH and Effie Geraldine GIBSON in Springfield, Ohio.


2.  Marcus Elwood SMITH was born on November 8, 1911.  He died on June 26, 1996.  He 
was married to E. Geraldine GIBSON on November 24, 1938 in Springfield, Ohio.

3.  E. Geraldine GIBSON was born on June 28, 1914.  She died on October 11, 2002 in 
Springfield, Ohio.  Graduated from Springfield HS in 1932.  Marcus Elwood SMITH and E. 
Geraldine GIBSON had the following children:

	1	i.	Sandra Sue SMITH.
		ii.	Steven Gibson SMITH was born on November 10, 1942.


4.  Harold Ellsworth SMITH was born on June 28, 1882.  He died in 1967 in Springfield, Ohio. 
 He was buried in Ferncliff Cem., Spgfld, OH.  In the 1910 Census Harold, his wife Fanny and 
young son Wendell were living in Springfield with his wife's parents John and Sarah Miller.

5.  Fannye Mae MILLER was born in August 1885.  She died in 1972 in Springfield, Ohio.  She
was buried in Ferncliff Cem., Spgfld, OH.  Harold Ellsworth SMITH and Fannye Mae MILLER 
had the following children:

		i.	Wendell Ellsworth SMITH was born in 1909.  He died in 1973. 
                    He was buried in Ferncliff Cem., Spgfld, OH.
	2	ii.	Marcus Elwood SMITH.
		iii.	Jane Yavonne SMITH was born in 1919.  She died in 1972.
		iv.	Harold John SMITH.  

6.  Wilson Emmett GIBSON was born on March 8, 1878 in Vinton Co., Ohio.  He died on 
February 2, 1926 in Chillicothe, Ohio.  He was married to Ruth Etta SPEAKMAN on December
 16, 1913.

7.  Ruth Etta SPEAKMAN was born on October 23, 1892 in Vinton Co., Ohio.  She died on 
September 22, 1923 in Chillicothe, Ohio.  She was buried in Greenlawn, Chillicothe Ohio, 
Ross Co..  Some records indicate her name as Ettie Ruth, but current thinking is that Ruth 
Etta Gibson, was named for her mother.  This would indicate the Ruth Etta is the correct 
entry.  Wilson Emmett GIBSON and Ruth Etta SPEAKMAN had the following children:

	3	i.	E. Geraldine GIBSON.
		ii.	Earl Gordon GIBSON was born on April 1, 1916.
		iii.	Ester Genevieve GIBSON was born on September 3, 1918.  
                    Graduated in 1937.  IOOF Home 1926.
		iv.	Lucille Marie GIBSON was born on January 14, 1921. 
                    Graduated from Springfield HS in 1938.  IOOF Home 1926.
		v.	Ruth Etta GIBSON was born on September 14, 1923.


8.  Luther C. SMITH was born in 1853 in Indiana.  He died on June 15, 1921 in Springfield,
Ohio.  He was buried in Ferncliff Cem., Spgfld, OH, Sect R - Lot 166.  In the 1900 US Census
Luther and his wife Anna M. had 4 children and a male boarder Chas E. White age listed as 

9.  Anna Melinda CRAFT was born in 1853.  She died in 1936 in Springfield, Ohio.  Luther C. 
SMITH and Anna Melinda CRAFT had the following children:

		i.	Maud Leota SMITH was born in 1879.
	4	ii.	Harold Ellsworth SMITH.
		iii.	George Abraham SMITH was born in 1886.  He died in 1970.
                    He was buried in Ferncliff Cem., Spgfld, OH, Sect W - Lot 86.
		iv.	Vergil K. SMITH was born in 1892.

10.  John W. MILLER was born in 1847 in PA.  He died in 1923 in Springfield, Ohio.

11.  Sarah A. REED was born in 1849 in OH.  She died in 1925 in Springfield, Ohio.  John W. 
MILLER and Sarah A. REED had the following children:

		i.	Frank C. MILLER was born in 1883.  He died in 1981.  He was 
                    buried in California.
	5	ii.	Fannye Mae MILLER.

12.  Silvers Porter GIBSON was born on November 9, 1848 in Zanesville Ohio.  He died on 
April 2, 1931.  He was married to Hannah J ANTHONY on October 5, 1871.

13.  Hannah J ANTHONY was born in 1853.  She died in 1923.  Silvers Porter GIBSON and 
Hannah J ANTHONY had the following children:

		i.	Estell (Stella) GIBSON was born in 1873.  She died in 1959.
		ii.	Milton Elmer GIBSON was born in 1874.  He died in 1875.
		iii.	Jenetta GIBSON was born in 1876.  She died in 1937.
	6	iv.	Wilson Emmett GIBSON.
		v.	Lucy B. GIBSON was born in 1880.  She died in 1882.
		vi.	Rosa Olive GIBSON was born on September 10, 1883.  She 
                    died on April 1, 1919 in at home during child birth.
		vii.	Martha Ellen GIBSON was born in 1885.  She died in 1886.
		viii.	Henry Selby GIBSON was born in 1887.  He died in 1950.
		ix.	Alta L. GIBSON was born in 1889.  She died in 1890.

14.  Joshua J. SPEAKMAN was born on September 29, 1832.  He died on May 14, 1928.  He 
was buried in Pike Run, Vinton Co. Ohio.  Joshua J. first married Fanny and they were 
blessed with 7 children. After Fanny's death he married Matilda Jane and they were blessed 
with 14 children.  All 21 children were born and raised in the Speakman homestead. Joshua 
J. spent his entire life of 96 years in the same house, the Speakman homestead.

Among Joshua's sons were two ministers (Charles and Luther) and two school teachers 
(Simeon and Samuel).  The remaining sons were either farmers or railroadmen.

The U.B. Curch was located just acrossed the street and many visiting ministers were 
frequent guests.  Rev. Wright, father of Orville and Wilbur Wright, who was then Bishop of 
the U.B. Church, frequently was an overnight guest of the Speakmans.  The Rev. Wright 
often complimented the Speakman parents on the achievements of their sons and 
wondered about his boys Orville and Wilbur, and what would be the outcome of their lives. 
All they seemed to care about was tinkering in their shop in the rear of their home, trying to 
make something that would fly like a bird.  Nothing but play seemed to interest these two 

The Speakman homestead was sold to the Scott McDonald family after the death of Joshua 
J.  He was married to Matilda Jane RAMEY on October 6, 1871.

15.  Matilda Jane RAMEY was born on December 28, 1854 in (Born 6:30am).  She died on 
June 18, 1923.  Joshua J. SPEAKMAN and Matilda Jane RAMEY had the following children:

	7	i.	Ruth Etta SPEAKMAN.
		ii.	Cora Bell SPEAKMAN was born on July 26, 1872.  She died 
                    on August 13, 1936.  She was buried in Reber Hill, Pickway 
                    Co. Ohio.
		iii.	Charles W. SPEAKMAN was born on May 7, 1874 in (Born 
                     8:30am).  He died on April 26, 1954.  He was buried in 
                     Circleville, Pickway Co. Ohio.
		iv.	Mary A. SPEAKMAN was born on November 28, 1875.  She 
                     died on October 2, 1876.  She was buried in Pike Run, Vinton 
                     Co. Ohio.
		v.	Calvin Luther SPEAKMAN was born on July 4, 1877.  He 
                      died on June 14, 1927.  He was buried in Worthington, Ohio.
		vi.	George R. SPEAKMAN was born on June 7, 1879.  He died 
                      on April 20, 1953.  He was buried in Greenlawn, Chillicothe 
                      Ohio, Ross Co..
		vii.	Infant SPEAKMAN was born on September 14, 1881.  He 
                      died on December 23, 1881.  He was buried in Pike Run, 
                      Vinton Co. Ohio.
		viii.	Grace May SPEAKMAN was born on March 12, 1883.  She 
                      died on July 24, 1969.  She was buried in Gahanna, Franklin 
                      Co. Ohio.
		ix.	Harley Arthur SPEAKMAN was born on April 12, 1885.  He 
                       died on December 29, 1957.  He was buried in Londonderry, 
                       Ross Co. Ohio.
		x.	Roy Clyde SPEAKMAN was born on February 26, 1887.  He 
                       died on July 16, 1963.  He was buried in Reber Hill, Pickway 
                       Co. Ohio.
		xi.	John Mark SPEAKMAN was born on January 28, 1889.  He 
                       died on April 27, 1961.  He was buried in Adelphia, Ross Co. 
		xii.	Harry Cecil SPEAKMAN was born on January 10, 1891.  He 
                       died on May 12, 1917.  He was buried in Pike Run, Vinton Co. 
		xiii.	Infant SPEAKMAN was buried in Pike Run, Vinton Co. Ohio.
		xiv.	Effie Anise SPEAKMAN was born on December 25, 1898.  
                       She died on September 23, 1965.  She was buried in 
                       Greenlawn, Chillicothe Ohio, Ross Co..


16.  Abraham Binder SMITH was born on October 29, 1821 in PA.  He died on January 15,
1883 in Pennville, Indiana.  Abraham (or Abram as he was referred to occasionally) enlisted 
in the US Volunteers at the age of 42 in 1864.
In the 1880 Indiana Census living next door to Abraham and Jane was a John Hiatt. John 
was listed as 42 and his wife Sarah listed as 33. they had 4 childres Laura 14, Stella 10, lacy 6 
and Pearl 4. their relationship to jane was not evident but it could be assumed some 
connection exists. ie; Her Brother, Uncle or Cousin.  He was married to Jane D. HIATT on 
November 20, 1849 in Indiana.

17.  Jane D. HIATT was born in 1828.  She died in 1884 in Indiana.  Abraham Binder SMITH 
and Jane D. HIATT had the following children:

		i.	Caroline SMITH was born in 1851.
	8	ii.	Luther C. SMITH.
		iii.	Clarence W. SMITH was born in 1854.  He died in 1928.
		iv.	Charles F. SMITH was born in 1857.
		v.	Florence M. SMITH was born in 1859.

20.  Unknown MILLER was born in PA.  Unknown MILLER had the following children:

	10	i.	John W. MILLER.

22.  J. W. REED was born on February 14, 1807 in Maryland.  He died on December 11, 1891.

23.  Mary (REED) was born on July 10, 1813.  She died on January 3, 1877.  J. W. REED and 
Mary (REED) had the following children:

	11	i.	Sarah A. REED.

24.  Asa J. GIBSON was born in 1816.  He died in 1889.  He was married to Lovena DOSER.

25.  Lovena DOSER was born in 1829.  She died in 1906.  Asa J. GIBSON and Lovena DOSER 
had the following children:

	12	i.	Silvers Porter GIBSON.
		ii.	(Female) GIBSON was living in 1931 in Obetz Junction, Ohio.
		iii.	(Female) GIBSON was living in 1931 in Ray, Ohio.
		iv.	J. C. GIBSON was living in 1931 in Racine, Ohio.
		v.	J. J. GIBSON was living in 1931 in Washington Court House, 
		vi.	H. J. GIBSON was living in 1931 in Williamsport, Ohio.
		vii.	G. W. GIBSON was living in 1931 in Allenville, Ohio.

28.  Joshua S. SPEAKMAN was born in 1787.  He died on April 25, 1866.  Joshua S. 
Speakman, arrived in Virginia from England and in 1828 moved to Pike Run.  Pike Run is 
located on State Route 327 in Eagle Twp., Vinton Co., OH.  He and his wife left VA in a 
covered wagon drawn by oxen.  He purchased land from the Government and received what 
was called a "Sheepskin Deed", signed by Andrew Jackson.  Joshua S. is listed in the 
county records as the oldest resident in Eagle Twp.

The Speakman homestead was passed to Joshua J. at the death of Joshua S. and Joshua J. 
spent his entire life of 96 years living in the house where he was born in 1832.

29.  Mary WYCKOFF was born in 1791.  She died on July 16, 1860.  Joshua S. SPEAKMAN 
and Mary WYCKOFF had the following children:

	14	i.	Joshua J. SPEAKMAN.
		ii.	Susannah SPEAKMAN.  
		iii.	Elizabeth SPEAKMAN.  
		iv.	Ebinezer SPEAKMAN.  
		v.	William SPEAKMAN.  
		vi.	Samuel SPEAKMAN.  
		vii.	Stephen SPEAKMAN.  

30.  Royal Valentine RAMEY.  He was married to Amanda MARTINDILL.

31.  Amanda MARTINDILL.  Royal Valentine RAMEY and Amanda MARTINDILL had the 
following children:

	15	i.	Matilda Jane RAMEY.


32.  Abraham Carpenter SMITH was born in 1795 in PA..  He died on November 18, 1863 in 
PA.  He was married to Elizabeth DILL on August 27, 1815.

33.  Elizabeth DILL was born in 1794.  She died on September 25, 1873.  Abraham Carpenter 
SMITH and Elizabeth DILL had the following children:

		i.	Henry SMITH was born in 1816.  He died in 1880.
		ii.	Cornelius SMITH was born in 1818.  He died in 1875.
		iii.	Margaret SMITH was born in 1819.  She died in 1871.
		iv.	Thomas Dill SMITH was born in 1820.  He died in 1899.
	16	v.	Abraham Binder SMITH.
		vi.	Sophia Kindsmore SMITH was born in 1824.  She died in 
		vii.	Maria E. SMITH was born in 1826.  She died in 1902.
		viii.	David G. SMITH was born in 1828.  He died in 1905.
		ix.	Naomi SMITH was born in 1830.  She died in 1832.
		x.	Thaddeus SMITH was born in 1831.  He died in 1836.
		xi.	Palmer James SMITH was born in 1834.  He died in 1925.
		xii.	William Gray SMITH was born in 1837.  He died in 1892.

57.  Elizabeth (SPEAKMAN) was born in 1755.  She died in 1835.  Elizabeth (SPEAKMAN) had 
the following children:

	28	i.	Joshua S. SPEAKMAN.

58.  Samuel WYCKOFF was born on June 10, 1760 in Hunterdon Co., NJ.  He died on March 
4, 1842 in Ross Co., OH.  The official roster of soldiers of the American Revolution buried in 
Ohio, Dated 1929, Page 411, Lists Samuel WYCKOFF a Private in Capt. Bruce's Company, 
Col. Clicket.  He was pensioned in 1832 for service in the Maryland Troops.  He lived in 
Licking Co., OH at the time of pensioning.

He lived in Alleghney Co., Maryland at the time of enlistment, near Cumberland.  He lived in 
Loudoun Co., VA, then Hardy Co., then Licking Co., OH.  Samuel WYCKOFF had the 
following children:

	29	i.	Mary WYCKOFF.
		ii.	Nicholas WYCKOFF.  

62.  Moses MARTINDILL.  He was married to Matilda CLAYPOLE.

63.  Matilda CLAYPOLE.  Moses MARTINDILL and Matilda CLAYPOLE had the following 

	31	i.	Amanda MARTINDILL.


64.  Gabriel SMITH was born in 1756.  He died in 1846.  He was married to Ann BINDER.

65.  Ann BINDER was born in 1770.  She died in 1861.  Gabriel SMITH and Ann BINDER had 
the following children:

	32	i.	Abraham Carpenter SMITH.

124.  James MARTINDILL.  He was married to Margaret ALEXANDER.

125.  Margaret ALEXANDER.  James MARTINDILL and Margaret ALEXANDER had the 
following children:

	62	i.	Moses MARTINDILL.


128.  Johann Peter SMITH was born in 1730 in PA.  He died in 1786.  He was married.  Johann
Peter SMITH had the following children:

	64	i.	Gabriel SMITH.


256.  Peter SCHMID was born in 1702 in Switzerland.  He died in 1734.  He was married to 

257.  STUCKI.  Peter SCHMID and STUCKI had the following children:

	128	i.	Johann Peter SMITH.


512.  Hans SCHMID was born in 1676.  He died in 1738.  He was married to Elsbeth 

513.  Elsbeth KAPELER was born in 1675.  She died in 1734.  Hans SCHMID and Elsbeth 
KAPELER had the following children:

	256	i.	Peter SCHMID.


1024.  Henrich SCHMID was born about 1656 in Switzerland.  Henrich SCHMID had the 
following children:

	512	i.	Hans SCHMID.


     Hannah J 
     Anna Melinda 
     (Female),      (Female),     Alta L,     Asa J,     E. Geraldine,     Earl Gordon,
     Estell (Stella),     Ester Genevieve,     G. W,     H. J,     Henry Selby,     J. C,
     J. J.,     Jenetta,     Lucille Marie,     Lucy B,     Martha Ellen,     Milton Elmer,
     Rosa Olive,     Ruth Etta,     Silvers Porter,     Wilson Emmett
     Jane D
     Amanda,     James,     Moses
     Fannye Mae,     Frank C,     John W,     Unknown
     Matilda Jane,     Royal Valentine
     J. W,     Sarah A
     Hans.     Henrich,     Peter
     Abraham Binder,     Abraham Carpenter,     Caroline,     Charles F,     Clarence W
     Cornelius,     David G,     Florence M,     Gabriel,     George Abraham
     Harold Ellsworth,     Harold John,     Henry,     Jane Yavonne,     Johann Peter
     Luther C,     Marcus Elwood,     Margaret,     Maria E,     Maud Leota,     Naomi
     Palmer James,     Sandra Sue,     Sophia Kindsmore,     Steven Gibson
     Thaddeus,     Thomas Dill,     Vergil K,     Wendell Ellsworth,     William Gray
     Calvin Luther,     Charles W,     Cora Bell,     Ebinezer,     Effie Anise,     Elizabeth
     George R,     Grace May,     Harley Arthur,     Harry Cecil,     Infant,     Infant
     John Mark,     Joshua J,     Joshua S,     Mary A,     Roy Clyde,     Ruth Etta
     Samuel,     Stephen,     Susannah,     William,
     Mary,     Nicholas,     Samuel 

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