1. William WHITE was born between 1755 and 1760. He died on Nov 15 1811. The first settlers in north west North Carolina of the family WHITE were mostly Scotch - Irish imigrants that landed in Pennsylvania, and after tarrying a short time there, or in Maryland, they found their way to North Carolina. Three brothers arrived in the early 1700's, Wm. White and his two brothers James and Archibald. They first settled in the Rocky River area in Mecklenburg County. They were a poor clanish people who strongheartedly adopted their new State and openly resisted the influence and taxation from the Governor appointed by the King of England. History records that a rebellion was formed and executed in 1771 to disrupt a convoy of three wagons loaded with powder destined for the army of William Tryon, Royal Governor who was preparing to put down this small band of "Regulators". A dozen or so men, faces blackened so that they would not be recognized, blew up the powder train in the area around Rocky River, North Carolina. Of the group were; James, William and John White, three brothers and sons of James White; and William White, a cousin of theirs. The Governor sent a General Waddel to crush the rebellion and arrest the mob, but Gen. Waddel refused to harm his fellow North Carolinians and most of the gang members fled to the north of the state into Guilford County. Only the signing of the Declaration of Independence relieved the men of further apprehension. If our William was involved or was related to those involved is still being investigated but the event has been included in this document if for no other reason than to show the history and activity in the area at the time our William was making his presence know in Stokes County, North Carolina.

William WHITE and Elizabeth HINE had the following children:

child+2 i. Burgess WHITE.
child+3 ii. John WHITE Sr..
child+4 iii. Andrew L. WHITE.
child5 iv. Stephen WHITE was born between 1800 and 1810.
child6 v. William WHITE was born about 1805.
child+7 vi. Charles WHITE.